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Some of the best golf courses in the world

It's always hard to make a list with "the best of something", so bear in mind that this is not the ultimate list of the best golf courses. This is just a person mentioning some of the best courses in the world.

As the Swedes say: "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing"

Of course this applies to golfing as well. There is no bad weather for golfing, only bad clothes for golfing. Okey it's a bit different golfing the it's pouring down but it has its charm. Your gear becomes very important when golfing in bad weather, make sure to bring your golf waterproof trousers and don't forget the golf waterproof jackets. Now you're set for golfing in the rain! Maybe even to sing in the rain?

Why I enjoy golf so much

What makes you enjoy something is highly personal, what I find enjoyable might be something someone else finds tedious. Anyway there are a lot of things I do enjoy about golf and golfing for that matter. For me golfing is a very social sport, it's something you do with your mates or colleagues. It's a very bonding sport, after a couple of games you know the people you golf with. Another ascpect of the sport I enjoy is that it's outside, the golf courses around the world are often beautiful in it's design. Depending on where in the world you golf the nature surrounding the courses look very different, from palmtrees in California to pinetrees in Sweden.

Golf is also a sport for everyone, you are not especially limited by age or gender for that matter. Everyone can learn how to play golf, and everyone can enjoy it together. I don't think I've ever had a booring game of golf with anyone.


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